Personal Investigation
Our team works in submitting validation and background inspections for several companies, business firms, and also to various law firms.
Matrimonial Investigation Services
If you want to be convinced about your Pre Matrimonial and look forward to building an encouraging and well-off future then this is what we (Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. Services ) can assist you with here.
Employment Investigation Services
Our team works in submitting validation and background inspections for several companies, business firms, and also to various law firms.
Detective & Investigation Services
Our team works in submitting validation and background inspections for several companies, business firms, and also to various law firms.

A Highly Trusted Detective Agency in Kolkata Providing Legal Investigation Services

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. as a detective agency in Kolkata has taken a significant role in providing reliable, comprehensive appropriate investigations by raising various legal information and legal services to place the needs of clients.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the best private detective agency in Kolkata. Our team of experienced detectives works very meticulously to complete all possible tasks and share all relevant information within the stipulated time frame. Our mission is to help our clients to win legal cases through dispute resolution. We are committed to helping clients make or break relationships by bringing out the truth in all cases.

We make every effort to bring clients out of all difficult times with the help of our team of qualified, highly skilled, and trained private investigators and we have mastered the application of modern technology and updated techniques.

One of the reasons why our clients have full trust and confidence in our services is because we provide them with reliable services. We always offer various services on a personal level to free clients from toxic relationships and chaotic living. We resolve all inquiries promptly and very efficiently with updated plans. To become the most reliable and preferred private investigation agency for clients, the services we provide are-

  • Ensuring super speed investigation with time-bound case closures
  • Continuous investigation tracking with regular updates
  • Generating assured proofs about the investigation
  • Completely supportive technique and methods for resolving the issues with the aid of our private investigation services
  • Providing premium services beyond clientele expectations

What Are The Rules for Our Investigation Services?

  • Valuable and Practical Ideas

In order to generate the result desired, our investigators and detectives create logical and workable ideas. Being skilled private investigators, they know the way out to benefit the client.

  • Valuable and Perfect Timing

The most important factor in our backpack is time. All our investigators value each passing moment and work according to plans and decisions to gain the apt results within no time.

  • Economic Services

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. rules as the people’s friendly private detective agency in Kolkata, since our charging structure is both reasonable and affordable. As a result, our services are the most suitable for our clients.

  • Professional Consultation

Our skilled investigators and detectives are adept at working on updated techniques to bring out the proofs for our clients’ benefit.

Instead of pining away in doubts, conflicts, confusions, and ending up before law, get in touch with us for adequate proofs and then make a legal move.


Before starting your pre-marital relationship, however, you need to ensure that your marital relationship is encouraging and suitable for building a good relationship. Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. Services will help you to get this clear idea.

After the marriage, various quarrels and conflicts between the husband and wife are created. Which creates distance after a long period. Take the help of Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. to stop a bunch of distractions in your married life.

Before starting divorce cases, you need to gather proper confirmation and evidence about your partner, so take the help of Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd..

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. is well-versed in the covert operations of various organizations. Our experienced detectives work extremely hard to solve all complex cases through various undercover operations.

Our experienced team members work on various legal aspects of various companies such as business entity validation and background checks, employment verification, etc.

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. is very efficient in providing national and international facilities such as – fact-checking related to your spouse, friend, or anyone.