Divorce Investigation With Evidence in Kolkata

Divorce cases are dealt with on a daily basis with our experts. Do you find hardship in accumulating proper confirmations and evidence against your partner? Is Your Divorce case getting vulnerable probably? Divorce Investigation is needed to put together the case decisively which needs valid indication and proof. We have a separate department for Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. Divorce Investigation With Evidence in Kolkata, our experienced detectives handle all client cases very thoroughly and professionally. Our agency has the fairest team that specializes in effectively declaring the results as dilemmas like divorce cases are broad and consume a lot of time to finish off.

We provide our assistance in divorce cases with almost positive and clear results, we collect evidence and proofs which can help you to make your case more reasonable. Contact us for assistance in cases like;-

  • Marital conspiracy
  • Daily exercise details
  • Employment fragments for alimony verdicts.
  • Worldly confirmation of your spouse which will stand fair in the court of law.
  • It also encompasses the matter associated with child ownership,
  • Share in the wealth,
  • A trinket to know the possibility of strategies and activities of the spouse etc.

Why us best for Divorce Investigation With Evidence in Kolkata ?

This is an incredibly unwelcome time for anyone who is having these disliked problems and we realize that. Divorce cases are not normal but affect a person from inside and our team understands this. We handle these cases and the opinions of our customers who have faith in us. We don’t provide false evidence and proof, we believe in 100% percent customer satisfaction. Cases that include child custody are very difficult to handle without proper proof and situations like this lead to emotions that are not easy to tackle.

We help to develop a profile of the partner by

  • Executing activity checks
  • Background inquiries
  • Property investigations.


By having this valuable information you can build up your conviction and you can make better decisions about how to take the successive step. Get in touch with us at Divorce Investigation With Evidence in Kolkata for proper processing of your divorce case. . In between our professional team is always there to support during your worst time as strong and valid proof in your hand can change everything in the court.