National & International Investigation

National & International Investigation

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. management services are geared toward solving national and international problems. If you want to know the truth about your spouse, friend, or anyone, our services are available internationally. If you suspect your partner like – cheating in the name of an office trip, our dynamic services will provide you with all the help you need and It will remove doubts and help uncover the truth. We will uncover the right information about your partner wherever he is in the world. Contact us to solve your life problems. We aim to satisfy you with our service in every inquiry.

Many intelligence and investigative agencies may not be adept at providing such services because they have little contact at an international level. Such organizations only do surveillance and data collection. But we at the best detective agency in Kolkata handle all types of cases by talking to customers face to face. Our skilled team members work to monitor their movements. The services we provide are not available to intelligence agencies.

We serve almost all parts of India as the best private detective agency in Kolkata as well as serve the counties nationally and internationally with considerable efficiency. The countries we serve are listed below –



United States (America),

United Kingdom (London)


Sri Lanka,

New Zealand


We collect evidence in the form of still photography and videography to solve any mystery. Our team members are very experienced, smart, and sharp-minded for the best international service for any investigation and detection.