Post Matrimonial Investigation in Kolkata

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Best Post Matrimonial Investigation in Kolkata

Marriage is a medium through which two persons, with diverse personalities, traits, behaviors, and mindsets come together to form an alliance to last a lifetime. Many times it is seen that they start feeling uneasy about their relationship. The strain in this relationship can be due to various reasons. Many times it is seen that the level of infidelity increases between couples.

In many cases it can be seen that your partner becomes reluctant towards your married life and then many suspicious behaviors are observed between them. Suspicions of this infidelity lead to extensive psychological and emotional trauma in the individual. Compared to the previous generation, the strength of the relationship of the current generation is much less, so all the problems that can arise in married life are –

Post Matrimonial Investigation may be required for any reason?

  • The most important part of married life is love. when you feel that you have no more love and affection, time, respect, and nothing left from your partner. This is very painful to adapt or accept. That is, Post Matrimonial Investigation is required to find out the reason for such a fragmented love relationship.
  • Oftentimes both spouses want to hide their income to avoid alimony obligations during a devastating outcome such as divorce. Because in case of alimony, less is paid to the ex-wife if the husband earns less and often the wife, who can earn herself but hides her income to get alimony money from the husband.

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