Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. is considered as one of the top detective agencies by clients all over the state when it comes to providing brilliant and erudite services relating to pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, divorce investigation with evidence, under-cover operations and investigations, verifications and background checks and national & international investigation. From providing surveillance, background check, scams, reporting to matrimonial problems, the professional detectives in our team operates with utmost sincerity and maintains complete discretion. Our agency, Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. aims to provide all the clients with maximum satisfaction without resorting to or using any illegal or underhand tactics that goes against the law. Because of our esteemed base of clientele, our agency has gained a wonderful reputation that we are extremely thankful about. Our agency takes every possible measures to ensure that the faith of our clients is protected and preserved. At Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd., we consider the trust of our clients to be the top most priority and we believe that failing to maintain the trust of even one of our valued client mean we have failed in our job as a detective agency. Therefore, it is extremely important for us that we abide by all the laws and regulations as enforced by the Central Government, as well as, the State Government. Following all the rules and regulations help us to maintain balance and harmony between compliance with legal aspects and client’s satisfaction.

As per the privacy policy of our investigation agency, we maintain complete transparency with our clients regarding communication and exchange of information. During an exceptional event, when a case proceeding is suspended due to Government laws, we immediately inform about the same to our esteemed clients. Along with it, we also give our clients the assurance that there is always an alternate way of conducting their investigation. While also conforming to the legal standards of the state and the country, Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. meets all the expectations of the clients.

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. adheres to policies that carry out the smoothest operation even when there is a felonious third-party involved and our services as a private detective are misdirected. Our team of private investigators leads the mission to uncover the truth as soon as we have thoroughly studied all the legal aspects of the case. Our dedication to unravel the truth, our aim to work with perfection and our commitment to meeting all the expectations of our clients will help us reach greater heights.