Verification & Background Checks in kolkata

Verification & Background Checks in Kolkata

Mriga Detective Pvt Ltd. Verification and Background Check in Kolkata works as a verification and background check submission for various companies, business organizations and various law firms. Our experienced team members are adept at solving various types of legal cases through well-rounded research methods and mastering sophisticated methods.

We cite appropriate witnesses, evidence, and evidence while disposing of each case. We as the best private detective agency in Kolkata team are spread like a net at the national and international levels. We prescribe different legal strategies based on different findings. We resolve any issue through adequate investigation.

When we work for a company, our investigations are not confidential and we conduct investigations in compliance with all laws and regulations. We charge a fee for each investigation based on the case processing time and the amount being invested. However, we operate our services with the utmost awareness and expertise.

Are you willing to run your business smoothly? Be sure to talk to us to reduce your business risk and investigate any corruption in your business. Every member of our detective team conducts all investigative work with utmost diligence. There may be many hurdles in your business career which in turn make your business performance unstable. While contracting with a young company, cross-checking and validating their documents and verifying other personnel-related information is essential.

The issues we investigate are discussed below

Nationwide Criminal Affairs

Investigating Artificial Business Conduct

Investigation of firearms search

Various media information

Federal Criminal Index

Database exploratory investigation

Subject death locator

OFAC Investigations


Search Records

Personal reference verification

Phone-landline investigation

Number search inquiry

Inquiry into Consultant License Verification

Investigation of real property ownership

Company sex offender investigations

Trace Social Security

Toll-free number search

UCC Filing Inquiry

Utility search

Automobile and ship search

Voter registration

Watercraft Search Workers Comp.

Document search search

Searching for terrorism

Multinational search